Tradeport has one of the largest warehousing facilities in the region. The self-owned building allows 24/7 access 365 days a year.

The Tradeport team manages the massive production floor area with a Warehouse Management System. The configuration can be flexibly customised to accommodate your varied requirements. The facility offers one of the highest space efficiency with high ceiling height and multiple levels of sturdy, well-structured pallet racks for the greatest number of stock keeping units (SKUs) in the same floor space. We offer a total of more than 24,000 pallet positions.

The cargo lifts and 22 loading bays with dock levellers guarantee the greatest efficiency and the quickest turnaround time for our inbound and outbound services.

Production Floor Area
More than 22,000 sq. m.
*2 of the 3 floors are air – conditioned
*Power floated concrete slab with hardener and dust repellent
Office Floor Area
More than 3,000 sq. m.
Number of Pallet Positions
More than 24,000
Number of Loading Bays
Clearance Height
G/F 9.5 m.
1/F and 2/F 7.5 m.
Number of Cargo Lifts